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New this school year, the BC/PR PTO is coordinating a “Swap Shop” for parents/guardians of Bullock Creek students. As kids grow out of their gear, we have found many families looking to pass along their old items as well as find new(ish) stuff for their students (e.g., Oaki or other rain suits and Bullock Creek shirts).

Please note that BC/PR PTO is merely providing a central location for buying/selling. We do not validate the identity of individuals buying or selling, and as such, it is important for you to use safe online buy/sell practices as you would for Craigslist, Facebook, etc.

How it Works:
1. Seller will create an ad/listing utilizing the BC/PR PTO website.
2. Seller will receive an email from BC/PR PTO immediately after creating an ad. This email contains a "key" that is used to edit/delete postings. (If you did not receive the email, check your Spam folder, mark as "Not Spam", and add "BC/PR PTO" to your contacts, as this is how buyer inquiries are also sent to you through the website.)
3. The ad must be approved by website admin before it is visible; this may take a few days.
4. Buyer will reach out directly to Seller via the website ad "Contact Seller" link or via other contact information the seller has provided. Seller is allowed to pick any Buyer they hear from. There are no rules / no required order (they do not need to pick the first person that comments or contacts them, etc).
5. Once Seller has sold item, they need to come back to the website and delete their ad. Ads will also be set to automatically expire after 60 days.

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