Primary Fundraisers

The PTO has only two direct fundraisers each school year. Participation is voluntary but greatly appreciated. Our fundraisers for the current school year include:

  • Little Caesar’s Pizza Kits (Fall Fundraiser)
  • Color the Creek Walk-a-Thon (Spring Fundraiser)

Other Ways to Help

There are ongoing passive fundraisers you can also sign up for to help earn money for our schools with minimal extra effort (and no extra spending) required on your part:

The PTO also accepts business and personal donations/sponsorships. You can donate through the link at the bottom of this page or contact us for more information.

why do we fund raise?

The Bullock Creek / Pine River PTO exists to support two elementary schools in the Bullock Creek School District. Monetary funding is a vital part of successfully achieving our organization’s purpose. The smallest donations put together can make a huge impact. Through our efforts, we have been able to fund various things in the past, including:  

Field Trips – Current Periodicals (Weekly Readers & specialty magazines) – Library Books (100% of Scholastic Book Fair profits goes to our libraries) – Facility Equipment – Community Events – Teacher Grants (special supplies and equipment for classrooms) – School Assemblies – Teacher Appreciation (ex: parent/conference night dinners)

Support the PTO TOday!